Web Hosting

If you are on the look out for a company that can provide excellent hosting services in Bangladesh then there is no one like ITCOM. Our web hosting services and other 3rd party services are rendered by our 3rd party vendors. We are a web hosting company with web hosting servers stationed in US. This is done to offer high throughput and 99.9% uptime. Web hosting in Bangladesh just couldn't get better than this. Try us out today and enjoy a host of other benefits along with it.

As a part of our web hosting services in Bangladesh we also provide domain name for websites, registration, redirection and parking. By help of our web hosting services you can enjoy domain registering through 3rd party vendors. We are a web hosting company that can make a difference in your sites existence on the internet. We also offer a wide range of other facilities to ensure you site stands out from the rest.

ITCOM web hosting facilities in Bangladesh also includes creating Email, POP and Web Mail at the most reasonable prices. You can book your email space along with other value features like POP mail, forwarding, web mail etc. Payment Gateway Integration is another facility that we provide in our web hosting services. This is used in order to maintain the highest level of security for discreet user transaction on the website. Premium Payment Gateway Integration services are offered as one of ITCOM's 3rd party service.

Our hosting services in Bangladesh also include online site statistics. ITCOM's 3rd party services facilitate website metrics to be analyzed for the traffic generated to the website and also understand the basics of web traffic generation. ITCOM, a one of a kind Web Hosting Company also offers site and content maintenance as well as providing support 24/7 for all its clients. Maintenance services as delivered by ITCOM are aimed for technical revamp of any website.